How Cogeneration Works


GENERATION: To generate electricity, only 3 things are needed: A magnetic field, a current-carrying conductor, and relative motion between the two. The physical relationship between the magnetic field and wiring of a generator are well established technologies, and the relative motion comes from a shaft. We convert various fuel energies directly to mechanical shaft power (the prime mover), which can then drive a generator to produce utility grade electricity. There are many proven prime mover technologies used for generating electricity on-site or near site. We typically use reciprocating engines of various sizes, gas turbines, and on larger facilities we also use steam turbines.

COGENERATION: From the ignition of a fuel (such as natural gas) in a combustion engine, tremendous heat is generated, and some of this heat is in the exhaust. We use this heat energy to generate a second form of energy from the systems used to make the electricity. This can be in the form of hot water or steam, or even chilled water by using additional equipment, made simultaneously with the electrical power. These technologies can be cascaded such that electricity, hot water or steam, and chilled water can be made at the same time (sometimes referred to as trigeneration).

Why consider On-Site Cogeneration?


Relying on your electric utility for your power and thermal needs can have costly consequences. It is increasingly important to manage your energy needs the same way you manage the supply of any product or service that is essential to your daily operations: evaluate the alternatives and make an intelligent, cost-effective choice.

Specializing in distributed generation services, MMR Power Solutions can improve the electrical service reliability and reduce costs by designing a system ideally suited to your facility’s needs. We do not represent any equipment manufacturer, so our experts can make objective recommendations based on your unique situation. Depending on your circumstances, we may be able to get you off the grid entirely.

How to make Cogeneration work for you


Cogneration Proposals – The process of getting your own cogeneration site.