Putting Cogeneration to work for you


MMR Power Solutions implements a systematic approach that provides an easy transition from conventional energy systems to CHP Cogeneration Power Plants.

We offer a no cost, no obligation assessment of your energy usage, costs, and other utility information to help you make an informed decision about your electrical and thermal needs.


The Typical Distributed Generation Process (Timeline of 6-9 months):

We will meet with you to collect utility data such as utility billing, plant requirements for manufacturing, heating and cooling, and future electrical and thermal loads. We will analyze this information and provide you with a summary report of the best options for your situation. This is done in three steps:


Step 1:

  • Initial Assessment
  • Gather utility bills
  • Identify fatal flaw permitting issues
  • Present proposal to client


Step 2:

  • Financial Feasibility
  • Sign Letter of Intent to proceed
  • Engineering walk-through
  • Gather client preferences and input
  • Take meter reads
  • Determine interconnection arrangement
  • Gather drawings
  • Equipment recommendations
  • Negotiate and sign an Energy Services Agreement


Step 3:

  • Contract to Engineer, Procure and Construct
  • Submit permit, interconnection, and incentive applications
  • Arrange financing
  • Begin equipment procurement and construction
  • Testing and commissioning


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