Our Experience


The principals of MMR Power Solutions have extensive experience in all aspects of power plant operations and maintenance, as well as management of the asset from a business point of view. The development and construction experience of the management team provides the operations and maintenance team with a robust base of power plant knowledge which promotes optimization of every power plant facility. This experience includes operations and maintenance of numerous generation facilities totaling over 3,000 MW, construction of 930 megawatts and successful development of 380 MW.

The site operators typically have a minimum of six years of training from the US Navy, with most operators coming from the Naval Nuclear Power Program. The Operations Chief brought over 20 years of experience from the US Nuclear Navy to MMR Power Solutions. All Operations and Maintenance personnel are intimately familiar with all aspects of power plant engineering, including all ancillary equipment, preventative maintenance planning, plant administration, safety, and efficiency analysis.


Running Projects