Operations & Maintenance


MMR Power Solutions provides cost-effective operations and maintenance services to ensure reliability and safety of our power generation facilities. Our O&M experience includes several greenfield plants including cogeneration facilities using combustion turbines, internal combustion engines, heat recovery steam generators and fired boilers. Our experience encompasses a wide range of power generation facilities including large combined cycle and nuclear generation facilities.

Our approach is to focus on the fundamentals as we seek to operate generation facilities as they were designed and intended to be operated. For existing facilities, we have been successful at improving on the original design thus increasing capacity factors and lowering operational costs. We hire motivated people, develop effective procedures and programs, train our employees in their implementation, and seek continuous improvement.

We use highly effective operational programs emphasizing safety, environmental compliance, operations, maintenance, chemistry, training, and administration. Each program we design is customized to each individual situation. As power plant owners, we align our processes to consistently deliver outstanding O&M performance which goes straight to the bottom line of our customers.